Software Downloads

Evolution Remote Client for Windows     Who needs this? The Evolution Remote Client is for users that desire the greatest level of control over their payroll information and the payroll process (included access to advanced reporting and interface capability). This application is designed for speed and is well suited for employers with greater than 25 employees. This is a Windows application, so if you are a Mac user, you will need to install Parallels or or some other virtual machine to run Evolution Remote Client on your Mac. Or, alternatively, you can opt to use our Web Client. This is version 13.31 (EvoClient_13.31.1.2.msi). Please note that this file is 18.9 MBs. Depending on your connection speed, this could take a while to download. When you are done with the download, please make sure that it is 18.9MB to ensure that file downloaded completely before trying to install it. In addition, here is the Evolution Remote Client Training Manual. If you have any questions, please call 970.232.1284.


Advanced Swipeclock Interface     Who needs this? If you are using our SwipeClock time and attendance solution, this utility facilitates the data sharing between the two applications. Talk with your Payroll Manager to determine which SwipeClock interface is right for you. This file is version 2.4.

Quickbooks Interface   Who needs this? If you use Quickbooks as your accounting software, this utility lets you easily import the journal entry and payroll transactions back into Quickbooks. This file is 89 MBs and is version

Aloha POS System Interface     Who needs this? If you use Aloha for your Point of Sale software, this utility lets you easily import the hours and earnings information into Evolution. This file is 1.57 MB and is version 1.4.


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