Time & Attendance

If you are still tracking your employees’ time manually, you are likely overspending and wasting precious time. Unify’s flexible time and attendance solutions precisely capture employees’ hours and earnings, automatically calculates regular and overtime, eliminates “payroll inflation” due to generous employee rounding, and seamlessly integrates with Unify’s payroll solution. We are so confident in this service that we offer  a “return on investment guarantee.” Either you realize an ROI or you don’t pay.


  • User friendly, feature rich, online service for a very low monthly fee.
  • No software to buy, install, or upgrade.Time and Attendance Systems
  • Exceptional ease of use for both employees and employer.
  • Employees can clock in and out by web punch,  swipeclock, and/or biometric reader (hand scan or finger print reader).
  • Employees can review and electronically sign their time cards online.
  • Automated and uniformly applied policies (holidays, vacation and sick policies, rounding rules, overtime, shift differentials, etc.)
  • Daily status reports alert you to missed punches and/or employees that are approaching overtime.
  • Automatic daylight savings time updates.
  • Lifetime warranty on swipeclock terminals.

By eliminating the time that is required to manually total time card data, the cost of human error, and the large expense associated with employee time theft, our simple and affordable solution is an excellent investment for any company.

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